Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fantasy game 2012

The Elven Throne
Hello folks! So I have been given permission to post some pieces of my previous work for a gaming company that I used to work on. As some of you may have noticed from the illustrations, the game art has a strong Lord of the Ring-ish influence. But of course, most design concepts/elements used, plot wise, gameplay etc etc, is completely different. Unfortunately, the game never came to reality which is very sad.
The Dwarven Mines
Anyway, back to the illustration, this is an unfinished project for an online game that I used to work on. Planned to be used as a banner/loading screen. Sorry if I can't upload the higher resolution. But I hope this will work out just fine for your viewing pleasure.
One important thing that I almost forgot to mention is that these illustration, well, particularly the Elven Throne had a 3D model that is midway-complete (or is it?). We planned to create a consistent world, where the illustration can be actually be found on the game. So much of the planning was based on a lot of rough sketches, and concept works to explore the design possibilities we are trying to achieve, and of course, 3D foundation so we can actually feel the size of the whole thing.
It was fun to work with, especially working with people who share the same interest. I do intend to work a lot on these kind of projects, perhaps somewhere in the future. But for now, I'll just have to focus on my training to refine my craft.But before that, you guys might want to check this thingy out. clicky click!
This is unfinished, we didn't have enough time to complete it, but the original plan was to add several more animation like the flock of birds from the original illustration; moving fog effects; leaves falling (dancing in the wind), and some other things. Well I hope you liked it even though I can only upload the low resolution. Thank you for the visit! =)
Copyright by MCMM Netherlands, project 3deezee
Planning and final Illustration by Jazz Siy
Art direction and preliminary concepts by Noel Layon Flores(atongwali)
CG special effects version by Leomar Valiao
Actual 3D modeling for the game by George Tapao

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